DEA: Marijuana Legalization Will Lead to Increased Drug Use and Availability of Pot

Steve Neavling

The DEA maintains the legalization of marijuana in some states and cities would increase drug use and make marijuana more available, according to a federal report released Wednesday, Huffington Post reports.

“Recently, efforts to legalize marijuana have increased. Keeping marijuana illegal reduces its availability and lessens willingness to use it,” the DEA said in a financial recortds for fiscal year 2012. “Legalizing marijuana would increase accessibility and encourage promotion and acceptance of drug use.”

Recently passed laws legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington and some cities are a challenge to the DEA, which yields to federal laws that ban the use of marijuana in all cases.

President Obama said decriminalized pot won’t be a priority for his administration, the Huffington Post reported.

3 thoughts on “DEA: Marijuana Legalization Will Lead to Increased Drug Use and Availability of Pot

  1. And, they forgot to mention, fewer expensive agents and interdiction proven over decades to have had zero impact other than sending more people to prison. Again, who cares if dopes want to smoke dope. The DEA and state and local police will have more important things to do that actually hurt others beyond the users. I’ve just lost all concern about forcing morality onto people. It’s never going to work.

  2. According to the DEA, every single person who refrains from consuming marijuana does so SOLELY because of the prohibition. But while this justifies all the money they waste enforcing the prohibition, it also tells us that EVERY DEA agent — from the lowest of the very low all the way up to Michele Leonhart at the top — wants to smoke marijuana and would start smoking marijuana if the prohibition was ever ended.

    The problem for the DEA in disputing this is that they then have to accept that there are other people in society who also refrain from consuming marijuana for reasons other than the prohibition. And since the prohibition obviously doesn’t prevent millions of marijuana smokers from smoking, and since it obviously doesn’t prevent those people who don’t want to smoke from smoking, then who does it prevent from smoking? Anyone??

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