Detroit Airport Police Taser Ticketless Man Who Ran Past Checkpoint

Detroit airport/ photo
Detroit airport/ photo

Update: Tuesday 12:40 a.m.: The FBI charged Kaylan Policherla, 27, of  Ohio with violating airport security requirements, according to the Detroit News.
By Allan Lengel

In the wake of the Christmas Day incident, an ounce of trouble at Detroit airport gets a whole lot of notice.

The Detroit News reports that at  7:45 a.m. on Monday airport police at the McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport  tasered a ticketless man who ran past a security checkpoint  and refused to stop.

The Paper reported that authorities “activated the breach alarm, causing metal gates to snap down, isolating the section around Concourse A.”

“It worked really well. This guy had no place to go,” said Michael Conway, airport spokesman, according to the paper.

The paper reported that authorities were questioning the man.

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