DiCaprio Gets Passed Over for Golden Globe Award for Role in “J. Edgar”

By Allan Lengel

Leonardo DiCaprio, star of the controversial film “J. Edgar”, lost out Sunday night for a Golden Globe Award to George Clooney, who starred in the movie “The Descendants.”

The category was “Best Performance by an actor in a motion picture-drama. ”

Besides Clooney, DiCaprio was up against Michael Fassbender in “Shame”, Ryan Gosling in “The Ides of March” and Brad Pitt in “Moneyball.”

DiCaprio got high marks for his performance as J. Edgar Hoover but the film itself was met with mixed reviews.

J. Edgar, directed by Clint Eastwood caused a stir because J. Edgar Hoover was portrayed as having a longstanding affair with his right-hand man Clyde Tolson.


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