Editorial From the Tennessean: Don’t Change Miranda Warning Law

scales-of-justice1By The Tennessean
Editorial Page

MEMPHIS — First give credit where it is due: to local New York and federal authorities who tracked down and apprehended the suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing.

In the nine days since Faisal Shahzad was placed in custody, he has been interviewed at great length and yielded much information, authorities say. After talking to authorities for four hours, Shahzad was read his rights. He continued to talk, officials say.

He has yet to appear in court on charges dealing with weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

If you think it sounds a lot like Guantanamo-style detention, you’re right. Given the suspect’s willingness to talk — and talk — you would think that federal authorities would be fairly pleased with the process.

So it was strange when, over the weekend, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on network news shows that he, and, therefore, President Barack Obama, are open to Congress placing limits on the rights afforded to terrorism suspects, even when they are American citizens.

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