Ex-AG Eric Holder Says He Could See Secret Service Agents Protecting Trump in a Prison

By Allan Lengel

If Donald Trump were sentenced to federal prison, ex-Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday night that he could see one or two Secret Service agents at a time working shifts inside a facility to protect the ex-president.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder

“The Bureau of Prisons contains a bunch of hardworking, creative people who meet dietary needs that people have, religious needs that people have, medical conditions that people have to deal with,” Holder said on MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” If they were called upon to imprison a former president, I think they could come up with a way to do it.”

“Let me be clear here. This conversation gives me no joy. The notion that we’re talking about the possible imprisonment of a former president is almost incomprehensible to me. But I think if that were to be called upon to do, there is a way in which the Justice Department, the Bureau of Prisons could actually do it.

“You for instance would not have to have a whole retinue, all of the Secret Service detail that is responsible for the former president’s security inside the prison. They work in shifts. Those people who are on the shift would be the ones who would potentially be with him… certainly be a low-security prison.

“So, the possibilities I think are there for a Secret Service person or two…to be with him during the time that he would be in prison.”

He said that’s all on the assumption that he’s convicted and doesn’t work out a deal to avoid prison.

Trump currently faces federal charges in Miami in the document case and the state case in New York involving the payout to Stormy Daniels. He also faces a state investigation in Georgia for election interference and a Jan. 6 federal probe.

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