Ex-Bolivian Drug Chief Busted by DEA Seeks Leniency

By Danny Fenster

If a counternarcotics official from another nation profits from trafficking cocaine into the United States, but has a clean criminal record otherwise, should a judge go lenient at sentencing?

That’s what Rene Sanabria is hoping. Sanabria headed a Bolivian drug intelligence unit, but was arrested earlier this year by the DEA in Panama when agents posed as Colombian drug lords. The DEA says he and others helped move thousands of dollars worth of cocaine into Miami. Sanabria pleaded guilty in Miami and is now seeking leniency.  The penalty for the charges ranges from a minimum of 10 years to life, reports the Associated Press.

His attorney lawyer thinks his client should get less than the 10 year minimum, AP reported.

Sanabria denies using his government affiliating to aid in the trafficking.

Sentencing is set for Friday.

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