Ex-DOJ Official Criticizes ACORN Voter Fraud Probe

Not everyone thinks the fed probe into ACORN and voter fraud is a good thing. Just ask Gerry Hebert.

By Zachary Roth
A former top Department of Justice voting rights official — who once worked with John McCain in defense of the senator’s campaign-finance reform bill — has added his name to the growing chorus that is denouncing the department’s investigation of ACORN as a shameful and inappropriate politicization of Justice along the lines of the US attorney firings.
Speaking to TPMmuckraker, Gerry Hebert described the investigation, word of which was leaked off the record to the Associated Press less than three weeks before the election, as “a continuation of injecting DOJ into what has clearly become a political issue.”
He continued: “That’s really not the proper role for the DOJ, and why their policies counsel otherwise.”
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