Ex-FBI Agent with Checkered Past Convicted of Child Rape While a State Trooper 

Former FBI Agent Christopher Bauer

By Steve Neavling

A former FBI agent accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl while serving as an Alabama state trooper was convicted Friday, a little more than two years after the Associated Press revealed he was forced out of the bureau for allegedly raping a co-worker at knifepoint. 

Christopher Bauer was found guilty of first-degree sodomy and sexual abuse of a child under 12 following a weeklong trial, the AP wrote

Bauer was suspended without pay from the FBI’s New Orleans Field Office in late 2018 after he was accused of raping a co-worker at knifepoint. He managed to land a job as a state trooper after he provided a fake bureau letter that made his record look clean. 

Then in 2021, Bauer was charged with raping an 11-year-old girl. He has been in jail since then. 

At the trial, his attorney claimed the girl made up the allegations. 

The girl, who is now a teenager, testified that Bauer abused her for years, and she was too scared to say anything. 

Bauer is also facing similar child sex abuse charges outside of New Orleans.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 1. 

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