Ex-Fed Judge Busted in Affair With Stripper Reports to Prison

Judge Jack Camp/daily report
Judge Jack Camp/daily report
Judge Jack Camp/daily report
By Allan Lengel

Disgraced ex-federal Judge Jack Camp of Atlanta reported on Friday to a prison in El Reno, Ok., to begin serving his 30-day sentence, the Associated Press reported.

You might recall Camp, who is married, was busted in an FBI sting after buying drugs for a stripper he was carrying on an affair with. His light sentence — he was caught with two guns in his car the time of the bust last October — stirred criticism in the Atlanta community. Some thought it was far too lenient.

He was also sentenced to 400 hours of community service.

His attorneys in a pre-sentence report said Camp had long battled depression and suffered brain damage in 2000 as a result of a bicycle accident. They claimed the accident may have resulted in him having impulse control issues.

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