Ex-Trump Lawyer: Former President ‘Will Go to Jail’ over Classified Documents Case

Donald Trump, via Wikipedia

By Steve Neavling

A former Trump administration lawyer said he believes Donald Trump “will go to jail” as a result of the investigation into his mishandling of classified documents. 

Ty Cobb, an attorney in the White House from 2017 to 2018, told CNN that the Justice Department has a “tight case” against Trump, who is the subject of an investigation by special counsel Jack Smith. 

To prove his case, Smith won’t have “much of a legal hurdle” to clear, Cobb said. 

“All they really have to do is show that Trump moved these documents at various times when DOJ was either demanding them or actually present,” he said.

“That he filed falsely with the Justice Department, had his lawyers file falsely with the Justice Department, an affidavit to the effect that none existed, which was shattered by the documents that they then discovered after the search, and the many other misrepresentations that he and others have made on his behalf with regard to his possession of classified documents.”

Trump has claimed he did nothing wrong, insisting he can declassify documents anytime he wants.

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