Far-Right News Host Suggests Biden’s ‘Democrat Dog’ Bit Secret Service Officers Because He’s ‘Anti-Law Enforcement’

President Biden’s dog Commander. Photo: Twitter/@POTUS

By Steve Neavling

Why is President Biden’s dog Commander frequently biting Secret Service officers?

It’s a question many people have asked since news broke that the German Shepherd has bitten Secret Service employees at least 10 times, including one bite that sent a law enforcement officer to the hospital, between October 2022 and January 2023. 

A host for the far-right cable channel Newsmax had a theory, and sadly, he didn’t appear to be joking, The Daily Beast reports. He said the dog is a “Democrat” and therefore is “anti-law enforcement.” 

Chris Plante, who moderates Newsmax’s show The Five, first compared the dog to Vice President Kamala Harris. 

“And so, that’s a vicious attack dog there,” Plante said on The Right Squad. “If you’ll recall, Joe Biden had to give away his old German shepherd, his first German shepard, Major, after a series of attacks on White House staff. Meanwhile, The Hill, a newspaper in Washington D.C., noticed that Kamala Harris is embracing her new role as White House attack dog. Which attack dog should we fear the most? Kamala or Commander?”

He then claimed Commander’s political leanings were to blame for biting Secret Service officers. 

“Then they get a new German Shepherd and— lovely dogs—and the new German Shepherd, apparently, not being treated very well. Attacking 10 people, and they’re all—I think it’s an anti-law enforcement dog, it’s a Democrat dog—it only attacks law enforcement,” he exclaimed.

Plante added: “This one didn’t attack staffers. Secret Service agents, plainclothes Secret Service officers, uniform division of Secret Service—10 of them attacked, including hospital visits and all this.”

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