FBI Director Comey Says FBI is Hiring Again, Will Resume Training for New Agents

James Comey
Steve Neavling

Automatic spending cuts last year resulted in the elimination of more than 2,000 FBI jobs and a freeze on training for new agents.

Now the FBI is ready to hire and restart training, the Washington Post reports.

FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that he’s authorized the opening of 700 positions throughout the country’s field offices.

And there’s even better news: He plans on hiring even more.

“We’re going to be doing more of that in the form of agents, intelligence analysts and support personnel,” he said during a brief news conference at the FBI’s Omaha field office in Nebraska. “We’re trying to figure out now where those should go, based on where the need is and the highest unaddressed risk is. That was actually part of my conversations here today with the (local) leadership — what are their needs and what are their gaps where they might use more resources.”

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