FBI Director Mueller Invokes Name of Hockey Great Gretzky in Terrorism Speech

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III invoked the name of hockey great Wayne Gretzky during a speech on terrorism Monday before the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Hockey great Wayne Gretzky was once asked how he consistently managed to be at the right place on the ice at the right time,” he said, according a text of the speech. “He said that while some players skate to where the puck has been, he skates to where the puck will be.”
“The same is true for those of us in the FBI. We need to know where the threat is moving, and we need to get there first.”

Mueller also said “our primary threat continues to come from the tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. But we are seeing persistent activity elsewhere from the Maghreb and the Sahei to Yemen.”

He said world events seem to have a “ripple effect” around the globe.

“The fall of Communism opened the door to a virtual army of cyber thieves. The integration of cultures around the world has facilitated state-sponsored espionage, a thriving child pornography market, as well as heightened gang activity.”

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