FBI Document Says Ted Kennedy Rented Brothel in 1961 in Chile

By Allan Lengel

Over the decades, detractors and supporters saw the many sides of Ted Kennedy; the playboy, the tireless public servant, the advocate for the poor and universal health care,  the man who left the scene at Chappaquiddick.

Now comes the latest: The conservative group Judicial Watch has obtained FBI files through the Freedom of Information Act– including one dated Dec. 28, 1961 –that says “while Kennedy was in Santiago, he made arrangements to ‘rent” a brothel for an entire night. Kennedy allegedly invited one of the Embassy chauffeurs to participate in the night’s activities.”

Kennedy was an assistant district attorney in Boston at the time. He was elected to the Senate the following year in 1962.

During his tour of Latin America, the documents said, he met with communist sympathizers and while in Mexico City, asked the ambassador to invite left-wingers to the embassy so he could interview them.

“However, the Ambassador refused to do so and stated that if any such interviews were to be conducted, all arrangements would have to be made by Kennedy himself,” the FBI file said.

“Subsequently, a State Department official in Lima, Peru, confidentially advised that Kennedy had made a similar request in Peru, and this official described Kennedy as ‘pompous and spoiled brat’,”the file said.

To read the files click here.

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