FBI Finds Dog Bones In N.Y. Hunt For Mob Bodies

The thing about digs, once you start you can’t stop. So far, FBI agents hunting for mob bodies have come up with dog bones. The search continues today.

By Robert E. Kessler and Zachary R. Dowdy
EAST FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — FBI agents unearthed yesterday what first appeared to be human bones at a location in East Farmingdale where an informant has told authorities that the bodies of three people – all victims of mob-related violence over the years – are buried, sources said.
But after further examination by the New York City medical examiner’s office, it was determined that the bones were canine, not human, and the digging shut down for the day at sundown. It will resume today.
An FBI agent on the scene declined to comment on yesterday’s findings.
For days, agents wearing plastic suits and gloves have been sifting through mounds of dirt as a backhoe bores through the ground at Del Drive and Baiting Place Road, one of three sites where Joseph Competiello told police the bodies of three people killed by members of the Colombo crime family are buried.
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