FBI Grills a Chechen Refugee While They Investigate the Boston Marathon Bombing

Steve Neavling

FBI agents trying to determine whether the Boston Marathon bombing suspects received any help have been questioning a Chechen refugee and former separatist fighter with a past social relationship with one of the alleged bombers, the New York Times reports.

Agents searched the New Hampshire apartment of Musa Khadzhimuratov on Tuesday, subjecting him to a polygraph, DNA sample and a search of his computer.

Questions still remain about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s radicalization and whether they were trained or acted on their own.

Some Chechens have been afraid since the brothers were identified. 

“They are scared that they could be framed by the Russian F.S.B.,” Fatima Tlisova, a reporter for the Voice of America, said, using the initials for Russia’s Federal Security Service. “Even if they’re completely innocent, they feel very, very vulnerable.”

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