FBI Investigates 7-Decade-Old Lynching of 2 Black Couples in Georgia

By Steve Neavling

It was a brutal lynching even by Georgia’s standards.

On July 25, 1946, a white mob tied up a black couple in their 20s and shot them 60 times.

The notorious incident became known as the Moore’s Ford Bridge lynching.

No one has been prosecuted in the case.

But The Guardian reports that the FBI is investigating claims by civil rights activists that the people responsible for the notorious lynching are still alive.

The FBI is questioning people who civil rights activists say are connected to the killing.

One of the people investigated by the FBI was Charlie Peppers, an 86-year-old man who lives about 10 miles west of the lynching site.

“Back when all that happened, I didn’t even know where Moore’s Ford was,” Peppers said, adding that “the blacks are blaming people that didn’t even know what happened back then.”

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