FBI Investigates Confrontation Between Migrants And Border Patrol Agents

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating a migrant who was captured on video assaulting Border Patrol agents on a Southern California beach on Sunday. 

In an Instagram video, several agents were attempting to detain a man in a half-zipped wetsuit after it appeared he tried to attack an agent. 

Two agents wielded a baton as the man continued to move toward one of the agent. 

Another agent arrived on scene and tackled the man to the sandy ground. A scuffle ensued as agents tried to restrain the migrant.

The migrants entered the U.S. illegally by swimming around border fencing on Imperial Beach around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, CBP spokesman Gerrelaine Alcordo told CNN.  

“As agents attempted to take both migrants into custody, the migrants actively resisted and assaulted the agents. During the confrontation, the agents deployed less-lethal devices,” Alcordo added.

The two Mexican nationals, ages 17 and 20, were detained and transported to a nearby station for processing. 

“The FBI is aware of the situation involving two U.S. Border Patrol agents that occurred on Sunday, August 21, near Imperial Beach, California, and is investigating the assault on federal officers,” an FBI spokesperson said.

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