FBI Investigates Sexual Assault Allegations against Prominent Real-Estate Brokers 

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By Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault involving three siblings from a prominent family in luxury real estate, The Wall Street Journal reports

Agents from the bureau’s task force on child exploitation and sex trafficking have met with women who allege they endured or witnessed sexual assault by three brothers, Oren, Alon and Tal Alexander. 

The three brothers have also been accused of rape in lawsuits filed in March and June. 

Twin brothers Oren and Alon, formerly of the firm Douglas Elliman, now of Official, were accused of sexual assault in two lawsuits filed in March. They allegedly raped two women in New York in 2010 and 2012. 

Attorneys for the women said they have been contacted by nearly 30 other women who made similar claims. 

In a third lawsuit, sexual assault allegations were made against Tal, the twins’ older brother. He’s accused of sexually assaulting women with his twin brothers. 

The brothers became some of the top brokers in the country and had celebrities as clients. They spent more than a decade at Douglas Elliman before opening Official. 

Now federal law enforcement is investigating the brothers. 

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