FBI Office Manager Julie Fidler To Get Director Award

BY Maggie O’Brien
Omaha World-Herald Staff Writer

OMAHA, Neb – Not many people know what part-time Von Maur employee Julie Fidler did to help authorities in the hours after a 19-year-old gunman walked into the Omaha store last December and killed eight people, then himself.
Julie Fidler, 52, who lives in Bellevue, would prefer to remain anonymous. But later this month, the boss from her other job – the full-time one – is giving her an award that won’t be easy to hide. That boss: FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.
Fidler, a full-time office manager for the FBI in Omaha, still works part-time on the store’s third floor – where most of the shootings occurred. She has worked at the FBI for 34 years, Von Maur for at least five.
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