FBI Steps Up Scrutiny of Syrians Inside U.S. Amid Fears of Retaliation for Military Action

Steve Neavling

The FBI is stepping up its surveillance of Syrians inside the U.S. because of fears of a terrorist attack in retaliation for American military involvement in the country’s affairs, the New York Times reports.

Also of concern are cyberattacks, which officials warned federal agencies and private companies about in recent days.

Syria isn’t the only worry. Authorities also are on alert after Iran threatened to retaliate against Israel if the U.S. attacks, the New York Times wrote. Iran also is considered a sponsor of terrorism and could attack U.S. targets.

“They’re not starting from scratch — the field offices know what they have in terms of sources and investigations, but this is a directive for them to redouble their efforts and check their traps,” one senior American official told the Times.

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