FBI to Analyze Recovered Remnants of Chinese Balloon Shot Down off South Carolina Coast

File photo via FBI.

By Steve Neavling

The FBI will analyze the remnants of the Chinese balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina. 

The news comes after the Navy “successfully located and retrieved” all of the debris from the balloon, according to U.S. Northern Command.

Among the retrieved wreckage were “electronics and optics,” said White House national security spokesman John Kirby. 

“It’s a significant amount [of recovered material], including the payload structure as well as some of the electronics and the optics, and all that’s now at the FBI laboratory in Quantico,” Kirby said, according to the Guardian.

The FBI’s analysis is expected to uncover new information. 

“We’re going to learn even more, we believe, by getting a look at the guts inside it and seeing how it worked and what it was capable of,” Kirby said. 

U.S. fighter jets shot down the balloon on Feb. 4. 

China acknowledged it owned the balloon but denied it was for surveillance. 

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