FBI to Search for New Name to Add to ‘Ten Most Wanted’ List

Steve Neavling

¬†With the arrest of Jose “Joe” Luis Saenz from the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ List, federal authorities will begin searching for a new name to add to the infamous list, ABC News reports.

Special Agent Scott Garriola, a part of the Los Angeles team that helped arrest Saenz, said “there’s always a sense of accomplishment” in apprehending someone from the most wanted list, ABC News reported.

To replace Saenz, the FBI will accept submissions from all 56 field offices.

The top offenders make the list for “violent crimes, cyber crimes, drug trafficking, crimes against children and international money laundering schemes,” ABC News wrote.

The list is effective because of the media attention it receives. More than a quarter of the criminals on the list get captured, according to ABC News.


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