Fed Judge Gives ex-Chicago Cop 12 Years in Mob Case

Here’s a police department that could use an upgrade when it comes to its reputation. Previously allegations of torture. Citizen beatings. And now a conviction like this. Not good.

Chicago Sun-Times
CHICAGO –A man can be a good cop one day, a corrupt one the next, a federal judge noted as he sentenced a former Chicago Police officer to 12 years in prison for helping mob killer Frank Calabrese Sr. get critical information about a federal investigation into an Outfit hit.

Anthony “Twan” Doyle, 64, was once a Chicago Police officer of the month, and while he had a decent career, “he picked the wrong people to try to help,” U.S. District Judge James Zagel said in giving Doyle a break from the 15 years or more in prison he could have received.

Doyle repeatedly visited Calabrese Sr. when the mob killer was in prison in Michigan and took messages to the man running Calabrese’s street operations back home.

More important, Doyle told Calabrese Sr. when the FBI retrieved a bloody glove from a police evidence warehouse where Doyle worked.

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