Feds Bust Man For Posting Guns N’ Roses Unreleased Album On Web

By Allan Lengel
Who would want to mess with a group that has the word “guns” in its name?
Well, apparently Kevin Cogill would — or at least that’s what the feds are saying
The 27-year-old pleaded not guilty Monday in Los Angeles U.S. District Court to federal copyright infringement for posting on the Internet nine tracks from Guns N’ Roses’ yet-to-be released Album “Chinese Democracy”, according to court documents.
The band has not released an album in 17 years and plans to release this one next month.
Cogill was originally arrested on the charges in August and later released.
After the arrest, the band posted a statement on its website saying:
“Presently, though we don’t support this guy’s actions at that level, our interest is in the original source. We can’t comment publicly at this time as the investigation is ongoing.We appreciate your understanding,
Guns N’ Roses.'”

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