Feds Digging In N.Y. For Mobsters

The FBI is digging for bodies linked to the mob wars in the 1990s. In 2006,  agents in Michigan dug up rural land outside of Detroit looking for James Hoffa, but came up empty handed.

BY Robert E. Kessler and Sophia Chang
FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -Federal agents were digging at two sites and investigating a third site in East Farmingdale that sources said could be burial grounds containing the bodies of at least three victims of the bloody wars in the 1990s for control of the Colombo organized crime family.
At one site, a cluster of FBI agents stood near the railroad tracks behind an Executive Boulevard parking lot as a small backhoe dug into the dirt, before a police officer told reporters to get off private property.
Less than a mile away a large bulldozer began digging away in a vacant lot at the corner of Carolyn Boulevard and Boening Plaza.
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