Feds File Charges in Baltimore’s Biggest Coke Bust Near a Street of Hope

In this hard-bitten town, in the shadow of the nation’s capital, authorities recently made what they’re calling their biggest coke bust in the city’s history. The bust was notable not only for its quantity, but its location.

By Van Smith
Baltimore City Paper
BALTIMORE — Trenell David Murphy, a 33-year-old Baltimore man, was charged in federal court on Feb. 20 in connection with what has been touted by the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) as the biggest coke bust in its history.
The location of the bust, on the 3000 block of Presstman Street in West Baltimore, is one block west of Kevin Liles Drive, so named in 2005 by then-mayor Martin O’Malley to honor Liles, the executive vice president of Warner Music Group. Liles, who grew up on the 2900 block of Presstman Street, is promoted as a model of success for youngsters growing up on the hard streets of Baltimore.

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