Findings In Dumpster Help Crack Eco-Terrorism Case

In Michigan, an old eco-terrorist case went unsolved, that is until someone found some unusual items in a dumpster that helped the FBI crack the case.

By Ed White
Associated Press Writer
When arsonists torched two homes under construction in an upscale Washtenaw County subdivision in March 2003, investigators knew they were likely dealing with eco-terrorists.
ELF, the acronym for the Earth Liberation Front, and the phrase “no sprawl” were spray-painted on the garage of a nearby home in the Mystic Forest subdivision in Superior Township where houses, at that time, were selling for $600,000-$700,000. Fire investigators said it was apparent that an accelerant had been used by how quickly the homes were consumed by the flames.
Despite the spray-painted messages, there was no trail of evidence leading directly to members of the international eco-terrorism group, which readily admitted the fires were “consistent with actions that the ELF has taken in the past regarding urban sprawl.”
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