Former FBI Official Critical of Some Vocal Baltimore Protesters

By Steve Neavling

A fed up former FBI assistant director yelled at Baltimore protesters and city officials, saying “enough is enough” during an on-camera interview, the reports. 

Tom Fuentes, who also was a police officer, accused the protesters of a warped view of the world.

“For the last two hours I have listened to this screaming over here in front of several thousand people,” Fuentes told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “They’re not saying some police are good, some are bad, let’s work together in the community and fix the problems we have.

“They are saying all police are bad, everybody that’s been locked up is good and should be released right now, and basically advocating anarchy in a town that averages five black kids being murdered a week … and the whole crowd is buying it and cheering it on. And I just think it’s ridiculous and enough is enough.”

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