Former Prosecutor Critical of Rep. Issa’s Attack on the FBI

James Burdick

James Burdick is a former Wayne County prosecutor in Detroit and is a criminal defense attorney who also practices health care discipline and is a reinstatement expert at the firm of Burdick Law, P.C. in Bloomfield Hills, Mi. He has also appeared regularly on Larry King Live, Court TV, Geraldo, Good Morning America and other national shows. He is an occasional contributor to  His column is in response to Rep. Darrell Issa accusing the FBI of stonewalling when it comes to disclosing information about its probe into the IRS investigating a conservative group.

James Burdick
James Burdick
By James Burdick

And here’s the perfect model of Tea Party imbecile – Darrell  Issa. Now the FBI is stonewalling him about its investigation into the IRS who – sorry, Darryl – was using algorithms that pulled up the names of as many progressive groups as conservative.

Sooner or later Mr. Issa is going to have to start working on a budget, isn’t he? Or is he the Congressman designated to only investigate Democratic administrations?

He apparently wasn’t worried at all over Cheney’s office divulging the name and job of an undercover CIA agent, or the lies his office told Congress to get them to approve a declaration of war against a dictator whose only intelligent act was to despise, and be despised by, al Qaida.

No weapons of mass destruction, no connections with Iran (Iraq’s arch enemy) or al Qaida operatives, and yet Cheney and Bush picked him to attack, because they feared they’d have no chance to find bin Laden and would look like the arm-chair “soldiers” that they really were.

One thought on “Former Prosecutor Critical of Rep. Issa’s Attack on the FBI

  1. Nice column. Following in the footsteps of Martin Brashir, Alec Baldwin, Ed Schultz, et al, whenever those of you on the left who can’t formulate an intelligent response to someone who dares to criticize Pres. Obama’s policies, then just resort to immature, petty namecalling. If it makes you feel good to call Rep. Issa an imbecile, then that’s par for the course from those who feel so mentally challenged from someone like Issa that all you can do is resort to that tactic. I’d expect nothing less from those on your side of the aisle. It’s in your blood. You can’t help yourselves. But it speaks volumes as how much you feel threatened by the Issa’s of the world.

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