Former Ricin Suspect Wants Feds to Clean Up His House After Intrusive Search

Steve Neavling 

Kevin Curtis has had a rough month.

First he was charged with mailing ricin-laced letters to President Obama and two other officials.

Now, his attorney said, Curtis’ home is uninhabitable after a thorough search of his Mississippi house turned up no evidence of ricin, the Associated Press reports.

Now that the charges have been dropped and another man was arrested in the letter attacks, Curtis’ lawyer has requested that federal government officials provide temporary housing while fixing his home and possessions.

“To be specific, Mr. Curtis’ home is uninhabitable. I have seen a lot of post search residences but this one is quite disturbing. The agents removed art from the walls, broke the frames and tore the artwork. Mr. Curtis offered his keys but agents chose to break the lock. Mr. Curtis’ garbage was scheduled to be picked up Thursday, the day after he was snatched from his life. A week later, the garbage remains in his home, along with millions of insects it attracted,” a letter to U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams says.

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