Forty One Indicted In Mexican Drug Cartel

By Marcus Garner
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
ATLANTA — Federal and local law enforcement seized a record amount of illegal drugs and drug money during a two-year, multi-state investigation of a Mexican drug cartel, authorities said Wednesday.
U.S. Attorney David Nahmias announced three federal indictments naming 41 people who reportedly ran an illegal drug operation that funneled cocaine and marijuana from Mexico through south Texas to the Atlanta area, and then sent cash back to Mexico.
During what’s being called “Operation Pay Cut,” federal agents and local police confiscated $22 million in cash. Nahmias said that’s a record.
“This is by far the largest ever seizure of [drug] proceeds in the Atlanta area,” he said. “This is another case of a major cartel-related Mexican organization that processed huge amounts of illegal drugs and money through metro Atlanta to many other parts of the country.”
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