Four Oregon Students Confess To Obama Incident

Sen. Obama/official photo
Sen. Obama/official photo
By Allan Lengel
A Christian university in Oregon said yesterday that four students confessed to being responsible for a Sept. 23  incident on campus in which Sen. Barack Obama was hanged in effigy.
The Office of Student Life at George Fox University in Newberg, Ore., identified the students late last week and completed disciplinary hearings, which resulted in long-term suspensions and community service, the university said in a press release posted on its website.
“Regardless of the students’ intent, the image of a black man hung from a tree is one of the most hurtful symbols of racism in American history,” Brad Lau, vice president of student life , said in the release. “Displays such as this have no place on a campus that is dedicated to living out the teachings of Jesus.”
The FBI opened up a preliminary investigation last week to determine if any federal civil rights laws were violated.
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