Georgia Detective Accuses FBI of Hampering Murder Investigation of Hip-Hop Artist

Steve Neavling

A detective in Georgia accused an FBI agent of lying and impeding a murder investigation, according to video obtained by Channel 2 Action News.

“You just had an FBI agent on duty lie to me and delay this investigation,” Detective J.T. Williams said in the video, speaking to Mani Chulpayev, an FBI informant charged with assisting in the murder of Atlanta hip-hop artist Lil Phat.

Williams’ beef was with Chulpayev’s FBI handler, Special Agent Dante Jackson, for preventing police from questioning Chulpayev earlier in the investigation.

“What he does is, he tells a material witness in my case not to talk to us,” Williams said.

“That wasn’t true. I always wanted to talk,” Chulpayev told the detective.

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