Gov. Blago To Ill. Senate: “I’m Not Resigning”

Gov. Blago stuck to the script: Defiant and bold to the end.

Chicago Sun-Times
SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Blagojevich, making a final plea to the Illinois Senate to avoid being thrown out of office as early as this afternoon, declared this morning “I want to apologize to you guys, but I can’t; I did nothing wrong.”
The governor spoke for about 50 minutes, ending his statement at 11:55 a.m. Near the end, he told the senators, “I am not resigning.”
The governor, who kissed his wife goodbye at their Northwest Side front door before flying to Springfield to plead his case, was escorted into the Senate chamber at 11:05 a.m. by the senate’s sergeant at arms. That came after House prosecutor David Ellis made his closing statement to Illinois senators, the jurors of the governor’s fate.

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