Gov. Blago’s Yapping May Have Sent His Attorney Packing

Gov. Blagojevich
Gov. Blagojevich

It’s not unusual for lawyers representing politicians to tell them to keep their mouths shut. It’s not unusual for the clients not to listen, whether it’s a matter of ego or stupidity or a sense that the politician actually knows better.

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CHICAGO— Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s chief defense attorney announced Friday that he is bailing out of the fraud and bribery case against the governor, strongly hinting that his embattled client refused to listen to his advice.
“I never require a client to do what I say, but I do require them to at least listen,” Edward Genson said. “I intend to withdraw as counsel in this case.”
Genson, who won renown in defending R&B star R. Kelly and former newspaper baron Conrad Black, dropped his bombshell announcement after a U.S. District Court hearing during which Chief Judge James F. Holderman released four wiretapped recordings of Blagojevich and his associates to the Illinois House impeachment committee.
Genson still needs to file paperwork with the court to formally withdraw from the case.
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