Guns Used in Chicago Crimes Bought Close to Home

Steve Neavling

 Most guns recovered in Chicago were originally purchased in Illinois, not states with less-restrictive gun laws, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Citing a groundbreaking study at the University of Chicago Crime Lab, authorities said 58% of the 1,375 guns recovered in crimes in Chicago were bought in Illinois.

About 45% came from Cook County.

The study was requested by the Chicago Police Department because of an unusually violent 2012 when homicides spiked 28% compared to this time last year, according to the Sun-Times.

Since more than half of the guns come originate from within Illinois, authorities plan to target local gun stores that are selling the firearms.

One thought on “Guns Used in Chicago Crimes Bought Close to Home

  1. Perhaps they could conduct a study that might more meaningfully address the problem. Maybe one that reviewed the actions of the Cook County courts and prosecutors when gun crime arrests are made? Maybe look at the reasons that Chicago is letting the number of officers on the street and available (talking about the diminishing of the force strength through attrition) while city pours money into “needed infrastructure” like pretty concrete planters in the median that will either suck up more resources for the sake of “pretty” or will be abandoned (like the police department) and turn to cr*p after a year or two.

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