Hapless Traveler on Crutches or Drug Peddler? Man Blows Cover with Fake Cast That Contained Kilo of Cocaine

Steve Neavling

At first glance, Daniel Ramirez looked like a hapless taveller on crutches.

But when the 21-year-old was on a train traveling from California to Chicago, DEA task force officers said he looked nervous and suspicious, The Smoking Gun reports.

More alarming, his cast was “uneven in texture, size and shaping not consistent with that of a case applied by a medical professional.”

His cover crumbled – literally – when Ramirez tried to remove his sock, causing the cast to break up.

That’s when agents said they spotted a plastic bag, which contained about a kilo of cocaine.

Ramirez was charged Wednesday with a felony narcotics count.


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