Hillary Clinton E-Mails Contained Veiled References to Intelligence Officers

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropBy Steve Neavling

While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton forwarded information to her personal server that contained references to undercover CIA officers.

But NBC News disputes reports that the e-mails revealed the identity of an undercover intelligence operative.

U.S. officials said the contained veiled references to intelligence officers. Still, those reference were considered classified when the e-mails were reviewed.

NBC News wrote:

In one case, an official said, an undercover CIA officer was referred to as a State Department official with the word “State,” in quotes, as if to suggest the emailer knew the officer was not actually a diplomat. In another case, an email refers to “OGA” for “other government agency,” a common reference to the CIA. Yet another now-classified email chain originated with a member of the CIA director’s staff, leading some officials to question how Clinton could be blamed.

A spokesman for Cinton’s campaign insisted the intelligence officers were not identified and that any information to the contrary is part of an effort to hurt her candidacy.

“This shows yet again how the leaking of selective details gives a completely false impression about what is actually contained in the emails forwarded to Hillary Clinton,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon. “Whenever the full contents of these emails are learned, there is invariably less than meets the eye.”

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