Homeland Sec. Adviser Admits ICE Needs To Improve Treatment of Immigrant Detainees

ice2By Dora Schriro
WASHINGTON — For some time, concerns have been expressed about immigration detention, medical care and the general treatment of ICE detainees. We are beginning to see progress, even in the midst of ICE’s swift ramp-up since its inception in 2003, but I believe we have a good deal more we can do.

Fortunately, my boss agrees with me. Shortly after being confirmed, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recognized an urgent need to closely examine immigration detention.

She created a new position within ICE to focus exclusively on the significant growth in immigration detention over the last five years and the conditions of detention, including detainee health care.

Secretary Napolitano selected me to serve as her special adviser to review detention strategies and detainee health care. I will conduct a thoughtful review, drawing from my extensive experience. My charge is to work with others to identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve the detention operations of ICE.

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