Homeland Security Special Agent Finds Lost Family Photos While on Vacation

Steve Neavling

David Nieland, a Homeland Security special agent, was on vacation at the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina when he spotted a camera memory card along his hike, the Huffington Post reports.

Turns out, Nieland found a card full of family photos that have been lost for more than thre years.

The Huffington Post wrote that Nieland tracked down the elementary school of one of the photographed girls because of a unique insignia she was wearing. He reunited the family with some priceless family photos.

Among the treasurers in the memory card – photos of the Fischer family’s grandmother, who died a year earlier of cancer.

“She didn’t like to have her picture made, so we don’t have many of her when she got cancer,” Ashley Fisher, Mackenzie’s mother, said.

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