Hundreds of Travelers Sneaked Past Security at U.S. Airports in Past Year, TSA Says

By Steve Neavling

At least 300 people breached parts of TSA security checkpoints to reach secure areas of airports since March 2023, The Washington Post reports.

“It is a larger number than we realized,” TSA spokesperson R. Carter Langston said. 

Of those, a small number managed to make it onto a plane. The exact figure wasn’t revealed. 

The security breaches expose a troubling vulnerability in air travel and are markedly higher than previous years. In 2019, there were just 29 security breaches. In 2022, there were 72.

The TSA is addressing the security lapses, Langston said. 

Calling the breaches a “trend,” Langston said the “vast majority do not seem to have evil intent.” 

Last year, 80 people evaded travel document checkers but were still screened by a metal detector or body scanner, Langston said. More than 200 re-entered on-way exists. 

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