Indicted Congressman Still Shows Up For Dem Convention

      Whether it’s good for the Dems or not,  Rep. William Jefferson, who is better known for $90,000 in  his freezer than his legislative accomplishments, has made an appearance at the Democratic convention in Denver.


By Bruce Alpert
   DENVER — Rep. William Jefferson, D-New Orleans, facing a tough primary challenge next Saturday while under federal indictment, arrived this morning at the Democratic National Convention.
    “I wouldn’t have missed this unless I physically couldn’t do it,” Jefferson said.
   The congressman said he is worried about Hurricane Gustav and is prepared to return to New Orleans as early as Thursday morning, but wanted to be able to cast a vote for Barack Obama during tonight’s roll-call of the states.

“This is an extraordinary accomplishment on his part and I know for some people who support him it was as groundbreaking for them as it was for him,” said Jefferson of the first major party African-American presidential nominee.

Jefferson said he knows it will be a challenge for Obama to defeat Republican John McCain in November.

“It won’t be easy, of course, but I think this is the closest chance we’ve ever seen,” Jefferson said.

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