Inmate Threatens Fed Judge and to Blow Up Fed Courthouse

By Danny Fenster

Clifford Cousins will not be out on good behvior any time soon.

The 41-year-old prison inmate, already serving time for murder, arson and robbery–he was once accused of threatening President George Bush–is facing new charges of threatening a federal judge in northeast Ohio.

Cousins, also known as Abdullah Jihad Al-Malik, was angered with U.S. District Judge David Dowd, of Akron, Ohio, for refusing to allow Cousins to serve state and federal sentences simultaneously. So Cousins sent a “menacing series of letters” to the judge and his family, reports Cleveland’s FOX affiliate. He also threatened to blow up the federal court building in Akron. Cousins also put white powder in the envelope of a letter which claimed the substance was arsenic.

This week a federal grand jury returned an eight count indictment against Cousins, which could potentially tack on 100 years to his prison term.

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