Internal Report: Secret Service Does Not Have Problem with Widespread Sexual Misconduct

secret service photo
Steve Neavling  

After more than a dozen Secret Service agents and officers were implicated in a prostitution scandal, the agency’s inspector general sought to determine whether the male-dominated agency had widespread problems with sexual misconduct.

The conclusion from the long-awaited report: The Secret Service does not have a widespread problem with sexual misconduct, the Washington Post reports.

The report only found isolated cases of misconduct.

To address the problems, the inspector general offered new guidelines.

“Although individual employees have engaged in misconduct or inappropriate behavior, we did not find evidence that misconduct is widespread in USSS,” the Office of the Inspector General’s report concluded, according to a copy obtained late Thursday by The Washington Post. “Furthermore, we did not find any evidence that USSS leadership has fostered an environment that tolerates inappropriate behavior.”


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