International Crime Boss Added to FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List


By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Semion Mogilevich, an international crime boss and Ukrainian businessman suspected of contract murder, weapons and drug trafficking, high-end corporate fraud and extortion, joins Osama bin Laden on the elite FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List.

The FBI said Mogilevich is suspected of being involved in a multi-million dollar scheme to “defraud investors in the stock of YBM Magnex International, a company he controlled-which had its world headquarters just outside Philadelphia-that was supposed to manufacture magnets but instead bilked investors out of $150 million.”

“The FBI doesn’t have the jurisdiction to charge him with other crimes taking place solely in other countries,” FBI Special Agent Peter Kowenhoven said in a statement, “but open-source reporting shows him to be involved in weapons trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, and prostitution on an international scale.”

“Victims don’t mean anything to him,” he said. “And what makes him so dangerous is that he operates without borders. Here’s a guy who managed to defraud investors out of $150 million without ever stepping foot in the Philadelphia area.”

Mogilevich is one of three new people who were added this week to the Top Ten Most Wanted List to fill vacancies, the result of some captured fugitives.

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