Jeffrey Clark Violated Attorney Rules in Ploy to Subvert 2020 election

Jeffrey Clark’s mug shot. Photo: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

By Steve Neavling

Jeffrey Clark, a former high-ranking Justice Department official, violated ethics rules for lawyers by aiding in Donald Trump’s ploy to overturn the 2020 election, a disciplinary panel in Washington, D.C. found. 

The three-member committee concluded that Clark violated his duties as an attorney when he pressured DOJ leaders to subvert the election, Reuters reports

The ruling means Clark, who faces criminal charges in the alleged racketeering conspiracy to corrupt the election in Georgia, could be blocked from practicing law in D.C. 

During the hearing, Clark repeatedly pleaded the Fifth

His attorney also claimed that Trump briefly appointed Clark to serve as acting attorney general on Jan. 3 “until the president changed his mind later that day.”

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