Judge Declares Mistrial After FBI Agent Fails to Disclose Evidence

By Allan Lengel

A federal judge in Albany, N.Y., on Monday declared a mistrial in a bank robbery case after an FBI agent admitted in court that he “forgot” to disclose nearly 200 pages of forensic laboratory evidence until the night before what was expected to be the trial’s final day, the Times Union reports.

One of the banks that was robbed (Google maps)

FBI Special Agent Paul Scuzzarella failed to disclose evidence he’d sent for tests to the FBI lab in Quantico, Va. The evidence included DNA swabs and fingerprints taken from four guns, a Ford Escape, a motel room and bullets found at a crime scene, the publication reports.

Ulysses Walls, 29, is accused of robbing two banks in the Albany area in 2019.

The agent told the judge:

“When I gave all the case files over back in ’19, I assumed everything was there,” Scuzzarella replied. “It’s on me that I apparently did not review everything and realized that this particular stuff was not included. And then I think just, over time, I forgot it was even done because when I looked at a document that was — this document here …. “

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