Lawyer Given Given Ok To Question Terry Nichols

Terry Nichols/bbc
Terry Nichols/bbc

It has been 13 years since the Oklahoma City bombing that stunned the nation. Now a Utah lawyer has been given the green light to question convicted conspirator Terry Nichols in connection with a prison death related in an indirect way to the bombing.

By Pamela Manson
The Associated Press
SALT LAKE CITY – A judge has reaffirmed an order that a Utah attorney can conduct taped depositions of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols and a federal death-row inmate.
Attorney Jesse Trentadue says the two prisoners have information about the 1995 death of his brother, who he believes was murdered in a federal prison after guards mistook him for an accomplice in the bombing.
Kenneth Trentadue was found hanged in his cell in August 1995 at a federal prison in Oklahoma City, where he was being held on an alleged parole violation.
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