Lengel: Attorney General William Barr, the Shameful Lapdog

By Allan Lengel

I’ve always been intrigued by the Attorneys General and how they manage to navigate between serving the people and being loyal to the president who appointed them.

Watching Attorney General William Barr in recent weeks brings me to the conclusion that he’s failed miserably at that job,  and done so with arrogance.

Barr, in order to save his job, has become President Donald Trump’s public relationships man.

His summary of the Robert Mueller report was clearly done with the intention of minimizing a two-year investigation by Robert Mueller and company.

But what was even more shameful was the press conference Barr had before releasing the report, something I would have expected from Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell. And we all know where Mitchell ended up.

Interestingly, I had the lowest of expectations when it came to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump. I thought Sessions would easily roll over for Trump.

Though I didn’t agree with some of his policies, surprisingly, Sessions recused himself and maintained the integrity of the office, even after he was repeatedly humiliated by Trump via Twitter.

In his short time in office, Barr has made it clear holding on to such a powerful position is far more important than holding on to his integrity. It happens inside the Beltway. Power trumps any monetary rewards guys like Barr can earn at a fancy law firm.

An attorney general has to be willing to be fired or resign rather than be a lapdog for the president.

Someone close to Barr needs to tell him that.

Though at this point it may be too late.


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